Wildlife & Ecotourism

Natural beauty and amazing wildlife surround the Lake City area.

Lake City lies at the heart of a dense woodland caressed by some of the most pristine streams and rivers in the world — and they are home to some amazing creatures.

A small, endangered population of Wood Storks makes its home in the swampy woodlands of the area, one of only three places in North America where they appear. Florence County is also known to be home to endangered species such as bald eagles, red-cockaded woodpeckers, star-nosed moles, and pickerel frogs, as well as the stately bald cypress tree.

Ecotourism draws visitors to the Lake City area every year, with hiking, canoeing and kayaking along local waters a sure way to spot birds, insects and animals difficult to find elsewhere. 

Moore Farms Botanical Garden

Located just four miles from historic downtown Lake City, Moore Farms Botanical Garden has been one of the best kept secrets in the Southeast.  However, after Southern Living Magazine proclaimed it Paradise Found, the word is out on this world class garden. Visitors are treated to 35 acres of innovative gardening techniques, sophisticated horticultural displays and breathtaking landscapes. More than 5,000 different varieties of plants are cultivated. Classes, workshops and tours are offered throughout the year.  Visitation by appointment only.

For more information on Moore Farms, please view the pictorial from the October 2012 issue of Southern Living Magazine or visit the Moore Farms Botantical Garden site at www.moorefarmsbg.org.