City Facts


Lake City is located in Florence County, in eastern South Carolina, 23 miles south of the county seat, the city of Florence. We are located 63 miles west of Myrtle Beach, 89 miles north of historic Charleston, and 78 miles east of Columbia, the state capital. Interstate 95 and Interstate 20 are both within 26 miles of Lake City. U.S. Highways 378, 52 and SC 341 intersect in Lake City.



Lake City has the second highest population in Florence County, with 6,478 residents in the 2000 census. More than 57,415 people live within a 15-mile radius of Lake City, and more than 125,7610 live in Florence County.



Lake City enjoys the temperate South Carolina weather, with average temperatures in the 40° F range in the winter and the 80° F range in the summer. Our warmest month is July, and our coldest month is January. Average precipitation in the area is around 44.76 inches a year.




Television Stations:

  • WBTW - CBS - Channel 13
  • WHMC - ETV - Channel 23
  • WJPM - ETV - Channel 33
  • WMBF - NBC - Channel 32
  • WPDE - ABC - Channel 15
  • WFXB - FOX - Channel 43

Radio Stations:




One Catholic church and 60 Protestant churches are located in the Lake City area. Florence and Kingstree both have Jewish synagogues.

South Carolina Conference of Pentecostal Holiness Churches is located at 620 South Ron McNair Blvd. in Lake City. The Conference is home to the annual camp meeting held in the summer. The Conference is also home to the Disaster Preparedness Kitchen that assists the Red Cross in disaster areas.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is located on Malden Drive in Florence.

In 2012, Lake City’s churches dedicated their resources to a collaborative platform of academic and economic advancement for the town, working with each other and within their congregations to provide projects and programs for young students and professionals.