City Council Agendas

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2017 City Council Agenda and Minutes:  

March 6, 2017 Work session Agenda

February 25, 2017 Work Session Agenda

February 2017 Agenda and Minutes

February 7, 2017 Work Session Agenda and Minutes

January 11, 2017 Work Session Agenda and Minutes

January 2017 Agenda and Minutes

2016 City Council Minutes and Agenda Archive: 

December 2016 Agenda and Minutes

November 2016 Agenda and Minutes and Special Meeting Minutes

October 2016 Agenda and Minutes and Special Meeting Minutes

September 2016 Agenda and Minutes

August 2016 Agenda and Minutes

July 2016 Agenda and Minutes

June 2016 Agenda and Minutes

Special Work Session Agenda (6/7/16) and Minutes

Special Council Meeting May 2016 Agenda and Minutes

May 2016 Agenda and Minutes

April 2016 Agenda

April 2016 Minutes

April 21st Special Council Agenda

Special Council Minutes

Special Work Session (4/8 and 4/9) Agenda and Minutes

Special Work Session Minutes

March 2016 Agenda

March 2016 Minutes

Special Session (3/1) Minutes

February 2016 Agenda

February 2016 Minutes

January 2016 Agenda

January 2016 Minutes


Recent Community Development Office (CDO) Minutes:

April Agenda

February 23rd, 2016

January 28th, 2016

December 10th, 2015


Other Important Meetings:

3/8/16--Special Work Session

3/1/16--Special City Council Executive Session

2/23/16--Community Development Office Meeting (1 p.m. at City Hall) Agenda

Lake City Planning Commission Meeting--6 p.m. at City Hall (202 Kelley Street). Please call 843-374-5421 for more information.

Announcement of Upcoming Council Work Session (January 5th, 2016)

Community Development Office Board Meeting (December 2015)

Community Development Office Board Meeting (January 2016)


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