Fire Department

Protecting the life and property of Lake City’s citizens.

If you need the emergency services of the Lake City Fire Department, immediately dial 911.

When you dial 911 for emergency assistance, the dispatcher will answer the phone and ask you questions about the emergency, including:

  1. Your name
  2. The address of the emergency
  3. The telephone number you are calling from
  4. A brief description of the emergency, such as “My kitchen is on fire” or “There is an accident at the intersection of Highway 52 and Kelly Street.”

Our Mission

The Lake City Fire Department’s mission is to provide firefighting and emergency services to protect life and property of the citizens of Lake City. We aim to deliver these services in an acceptable, high-quality, courteous, humane, safe and efficient manner while being responsive to the city’s and community’s needs.

About Us

The Lake City Fire Department is located at 233 N. Acline Street, two blocks north of Main Street. The department consists of 11 full-time, 5 part-time and 21 volunteer personnel. We operate out of one station and have a total of nine apparatus in service, including four pumpers, one pumper/tanker, one service/rescue, one aerial and two support vehicles.

In 2005, the department obtained an ISO Class 3 insurance rating. Under the leadership of Chief Randy Driggers, the Lake City Fire Department provides multiple services to Lake City citizens, including fire suppression, first responder, vehicle extrication, fire safety programs, and more.

For more information, please contact the Lake City Fire Department at 843-374-2470. 

Information & Transactions

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For more information, contact:

Lake City Fire and Rescue Department

233 N. Acline St.
Lake City, SC 29560
(843) 374-2470 Phone
(843) 374-0011 Fax
Randy Driggers, Fire Chief: (843) 374-2470