The Finance Department can be classified as the “watch dog” of Lake City’s financial affairs in order to provide professional financial services as mandated by law, required by mayor and council, and those in other governmental units. This responsibility enables the city to estimate revenues, collect charges and fees, and aid in monitoring expenditures.

Finance continuously assists all departments by providing quality and timely financial data. This allows better allocation of limited resources and helps departments maximize the services they can provide to taxpayers and the public at large and allows for prudent budget decisions that benefit future generations of Lake City through long-term fiscal health.

We'll be featuring full audits and documents related to Lake City's financial department, but if you'd like to speak to someone at the City regarding the town's finances, please call (843)-374-5421. Under the guidance of Lenessa Hawkins, the Finance Department of the City of Lake City seeks to turn public funds into measurable benefits within our community. 

          Financial Documents


2017-2018  Budget

2016-2017  Budget 

2015-2016  Budget


FY2016 Audit

FY2015 Audit

FY2014 Audit

Information & Transactions

Pay Vehicle Taxes or Property Taxes

Florence County collects taxes for the city of Lake City. Contact the county office at (800) 523-3577.

Get a Business License

If you would like to open a business within Lake City, the first step is to complete the Code Clearance Form. Once this form is complete and all parties have approved your new business, you must complete the Business License Application.

Get a Solicitation Permit for a Charity

Solicitation for a charitable cause requires Lake City to obtain specific information regarding the solicitation. Based on the information provided, the police chief and mayor will consider the application. 

Download an Application for a Solicitation Permit

Apply for a Job with the City

If the city has any openings, the job description will be posted in the newspaper and also in the display located on the wall at the water department office (202 Kelley Street). 

Submit an employment application form to apply

Pay a Traffic Ticket

IThe City of Lake City's online payment system is down. To pay a ticket, please call 843 374 5421 and select the option for the Clerk of Court a Lake City police officer issued the traffic citation, you can pay it at the Lake City Police Department (202 Kelley Street). If a county sheriff’s officer issued the traffic citation, you can pay the ticket at the Florence County Magistrate’s Office (180 N. Irby St., Florence).

Find Out If a Parcel Is Located within City Limits

Visit the Finance Department office at 202 Kelley Street to look at a city map to determine whether a parcel is located within Lake City limits. To get information by phone, please call and leave the location and a contact number so somebody within the Finance Department can research the parcel and get back to you.

Get Assistance with an Issue

Complete the assistance request form and fax it to (843) 374-1809.

For other information or transactions, contact:

Lake City Finance Department
Address: 202 Kelley Street Lake City, SC 29560
Phone: (843) 374-5421 option 2 
Fax: (843) 374-1809 Fax