Future of Lake City

With a downtown reinvention and many other initiatives in the works, Lake City is bringing promise to our town and to the Pee Dee.

For more than a century and a half, Lake City has undergone a Renaissance every few decades — a period when the city has bounced back from economic depression and found a way to thrive once again.

It’s this resilience and positive spirit that is driving Lake City’s new period of renewal — a communal spirit that promises to mark the beginning of Lake City’s success for decades to come. Representatives from the city’s various not-for-profit organizations have come together in a show of collaboration to create and build out a plan to bring many new economic opportunities to Lake City. Their goal: to create a place that’s not only fun to visit, but that’s an attractive place to grow a business, manage a successful career, raise a family, and make a life.

Visit this website often to see what we’re up to, track our progress, and learn how to get involved!

Village Green

New in Lake City

There’s nothing like an outdoor concert on a bright spring day or starry summer night — and now that our 36,372-square-foot Village Green featuring a 750-square-foot performance stage is complete, Lake City has so much music to look forward to! Located just behind Main Street, the Village Green is even more exciting because of what lies beneath it: a geothermal energy field that will power the town’s surrounding buildings through modern sustainable design.

Initiative leadership

Lake City's downtown development is guided by the efforts of the Greater Lake City Community Development Office, which seeks to provide opportunities for Lake City residents by managing housing, attracting business, and working with local organizations to inform and educate the populace. 

The CDO has teamed up with TSW to produce a strategic plan for our community's future development; you can download the latest version of this foundational document at this link

For more information, please contact Steve Gantt at 843-374-0138. 

Get involved

But the only way any of these efforts are actually happening is because of Lake City’s proud, energetic, progressive-minded people — and that’s where you come in! If you have a few extra hours (or, even better, some great ideas) that you can contribute, we hope you’ll consider getting involved. Check out the events calendar to learn about upcoming community planning meetings, or call Rob Bockman at (843)-374-0138 for more information.

We are also currently accepting donations for the ArtFields competition! The largest arts competition in the Southeast, ArtFields will give $110,000 away to top artists, as voted upon by you, the public, in April and May of 2015. Give today to ensure the success of a truly epic Southern artfest!